Our T’s are filled with a healthy dose of optimism and authentic ‘Kaapse style.’  Cotton threads are woven into fabric, then the fabric is cut and sewn into t’shirts, and the t’shirts are printed and sold, all right here in Cape Town – No imported t’shirts or even imported fabric

Why Choose Us?

Home Brewed is also very passionate about our BUY LOCAL ethos. We will only stock items we know are manufactured in Cape Town. You can be assured that we continue to invest in our local community because not only are we improving the lives of the ladies on the factory floor – we are also improving your and our own future in South Africa

We love the t-shirt designs and fit; and most of all the quality of cotton and manufacture is fantastic !!! 

Brisbane, Australia

About Us

Sam Meyer,

Store Manager

We are a small clothing retailer hoping to make a big change. We are inspired and driven by the need to invest in our local community right here in Cape Town


Home Brewed - Cape Town

Home Brewed, Palmyra Junction, Palmyra Road, Claremont, Western Cape, South Africa

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